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Schneider Homaya Pro Inverter 48V 6kW

Schneider Homaya Pro Inverter 48V 6kW

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Power all your off-grid and unreliable grid needs with reliable, affordable and clean electricity

Homaya Pro is a solar-hybrid solution specifically designed for locations having unreliable or no access to electricity. It provides customizable, reliable and renewable energy access for homes, fuel stations, small offices, healthcare centers, educational institutions and telecom towers.
Unique Features
• Supports 9 profiles of lead acid battery charging
• Inbuilt Maximum Power Point Tracking charging mode
• Robust transformer-based design
• Supports productive needs including domestic pumping solution
• Connect inverters in parallel to support loads upto 24 kW
• Compatible with LFP and customizable lead acid charging profile Homes Micro enterprises Healthcare centers Telecom towers Educational institutions
Homaya Pro is powered from solar with an inbuilt MPPT controller, compatible with grid charging, supports lead or lithium battery technologies. Up to 6 inverters can be connected in parallel for a combined output up to 24 kW.
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