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how A solar Water Pumping Systems works

Solar water pumping systems work by converting the sun’s rays to electricity that will operate the water pump. It uses solar panels to collect the energy from sunlight, producing the direct current (DC) that provides the energy for the motor to pump water out from its source. An inverter is used if the pump motor needs alternating current (AC) rather than DC. 

A solar water pumping system includes the following components:

1) Solar panels

Solar panels take the sun’s rays and convert them into electricity in three basic steps. Solar cells within solar panels absorb rays from the sun and convert them into DC electricity. An inverter converts DC electricity to AC (alternating current) electricity. This electricity is used to operate the water pump.

2) Water pump motor

The water pump motor takes water from the available water source, including from underground or another water source, that can be used for irrigation, household, or other purposes.


Pipes will transport water from the original source to wherever it needs to go; a purification system, a holding tank, etc.

4) Water tank

The water pumping system will often include a water tank to store water that may be used when sunshine isn’t available.

5) Pump controllers

The controllers regulate the water pump and allow it to be turned on and off. They can increase the life of the water pump by protecting it from electrical irregularities or motor damage if it keeps running when a water source runs dry. Controllers also maximize water delivery.

6) Inverter

Some water pumps run on AC electrical current, so the inverter converts the electricity from the original DC to usable AC.

Benefits of Solar Water Pumping Systems

1. Cuts down on electricity bills.

It's well known that pumping water consumes a lot of electricity especially for commercial purposes. A solar water pumping system uses free energy from the sun to pump your water, meaning that your electricity bill will be brought down by up to 90%. This remaining 10% accounts for the rare moments that the sun does not shine.

2. Quickest payback

Has the shortest return on investment period of 2 years.

3. Useful in remote areas

 A solar-powered water pump will work in remote places and areas without access to a power grid since the source of power is the sun.

4. Easy to maintain

Solar-powered water pumps have very few mechanical parts, which lessens the chances of components needing repairs. They can last for many years without requiring maintenance.

5. Increases productivity

Water collection is a big task for those living in many remote areas. It can require walking for several hours in each direction. Solar-powered water pumps save time from not having to collect water, improving health, and making time for other productive activities. Farmers can produce more food when they aren’t dependent on rainfall or electricity.

6. Reliable

Solar-powered water pumps provide a reliable water source because it doesn’t require electricity.

Case Studies

3kW Borehole Solarization for Flats in Kitengela, Kenya.

Consists of 17 solar panels of 200 watts and a 5kW pump inverter.


Our client's major problem was high electricity bills that would steeply cut into profits from his rental business.

We came in and equipped him with a solar system to power his borehole. We also installed a solar hybrid system to power his common areas. 

With our system, our client is enjoying the highest savings as his electricity bill has gone down by more than 95%. He recovered his investment in around 2 years and now enjoys 100% of the money he would otherwise be paying to KPLC. 

8kW solar water pumping system for a community in garissa, kenya.

PowerPoint Systems partnered with an NGO to install this solar water pumping system for a women and children's community in Garissa.

Before the system was installed, the women used to fetch water from Tana river which was 2km away. The water was not only far away, but also extremely unclean. They were also constantly exposed to dangerous crocodiles that live in the river.

They are now able to use easily available, clean water from a borehole only 500m away thanks to our solar water pumping system.

8kW borehole solarization system for flats in rongai, Kenya.

Consists of 15 solar panels of 550watts and a 7.5kW pump inverter. 

Our client's major problem was high electricity bills that came with pumping water that would steeply cut into profits from his rental business.

We came in and equipped them with a solar system to power their borehole and reverse osmosis machine.

With our system, our client has been able to see an 80% reduction on his electricity bill. He will recover his investment in less than 2 years and get to save and enjoy 100% of the money he would otherwise be paying to KPLC.

7kW solar water pumping system For World Vision, Guyo

PowerPoint Systems partnered with World Vision to install this solar water pumping system for Guyo village community in Kajiado. This is one of 5 borehole we partnered with world vision to equip and solarize. Before the system was installed, the village members had to walk almost 50km to get water. This would take almost all day making it very tasking. 

They are now able to use easily available water from a borehole only 200m away thanks to our solar water pumping system. Women are able to focus on other productive activities that are leading to more development in the community. Children are able to attend school instead of spending all day walking to fetch water for their families. 

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